Yoga 50+

Yoga Upward-Facing Dog Pose

Do you have non, to too little experience or have you been out of practice for a longer period of time? I specialize in teaching 50+ as it is a fascinating time. Men and Women are painfully aware of how the body changes, but also surprised about sudden mood swings, like being a teenager again!

50+ is like a "rite de passage", an important time in life, that needs conscious acknowledgement, especially in our society’s imaging of women as young, thin and beautiful, who are smart but not too outspoken, agreeable, sexy and loving.

It is a period of time when you feel overwhelmed by your commitments to family, career and friends. You are beginning to feel more critical and less agreeable! It is more important than ever to stay in contact with yourself.

Yoga Simple  Seated Twist Pose
Many seated poses are accessible to those beginning yoga. Photo: Private Archive

It is a time of great fluctuation of hormones, causing great agitation and discomfort. Typical complaints are hot flashes, body shape changes, fatigue, insomnia, irritability, but also anxiety and digestive problems.

All of a sudden, the normal routine does not work anymore. Now is the best time of your life to begin to listen to what is important to you, consciously establishing priorities and healthy boundaries.

Physiologically, yoga, especially Restorative yoga, will bring your endocrine system into balance. Yoga will help you pay attention to your body. You will get to know your body again and like during puberty you learn to accept the changing shape, the way you move, the way you look, the way you feel.

Through regular practice you can lift your spirits, regain valuable energy and experience embodied awareness, allowing you mindfulness of body. You will reconnect to the innate wisdom and intelligence of your body.

Keeping the connection to your body, mind and spirit will help you put your experiences into perspective, you will learn to take the time you need for reflection, so you can make thoughtful and careful choices.